Different and Proud

Impression About 3 Days Ago

Opek, officially ended on 30 August ago. But we still held up to a year and have to sign a waiver on the stamp that I have not read because of the severity of a hurry yesterday. Hmmm: (

At least, I can go back to normal with my sleep cycle. Although I still thoughts with something. But I have to keep the spirit, everyone has problems either heavy or light.

Well, when asked about the impression a lot of the impression that I get in 3 days. Such as:

1. Discipline
In this ospek, we learn to respect and discipline in any circumstances. We are no longer a child was spoiled and lazy. Delaying the work (such aku.heheh) Here, we learn to use time effectively and efficiently as possible.

2. Mental
In the world of college and work later, the mental is very necessary. That is why we are trained mentally for 3 days. Miapa if suddenly your boss yelled at you will continue to pass out. Or, you are already tired of working on lab reports and constructing the thesis until the early morning hours but still it was wrong and did not suit you immediately end the lecturers continue your life. That’s not the answer I think

3. Physical
Physical is not a scene of physical violence such as in the military, (and my father said that his background is a police officer, was not a day longer play violent, now take precedence brain). I know that in less TNI how yes, but also exciting to be replaced so that the war quiz XD

Physical Opek 3 days ago it is the ability of our bodies to adjust to the environment. Imagine, we wake up at 3 and had reached the campus at 5. Which boarding safe for sure. But, the house in Tembung like me?

Not to mention we indulge for 12 hours from dawn to dusk. That train our body in order not surprised by the atmosphere of the lecture later that he said we are going to cut rations to sleep: (

The lecture was about to begin later Monday. Hopefully I’m comfortable with the lecture later. The most important thing is comfort. Both courses I choose comfort and convenience of the neighborhood. I hope I get it.

Well, all equipment Opek yesterday, I kept it in a box and I store cupboard. 4 Year again, all the things that have memories that can make themselves laughing. I have a story of its own in this Opek. Especially 4 others. I hope we become closer 🙂

impression from 3 days ago


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